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The ThoseCool desktop mics are great for recording in your home studio, but how about out on the field with the XLR or USB versions?

It is unsafe to record on the. It’s best to record in an uncontrolled environment. In the worst, you can be drowned out by the background noise.

One of the most important aspects is poor audio quality. The top reasons podcast listeners may abandon a podcast are: No, no matter how interesting or unique your content is, it doesn’t matter if it sounds just like it was recorded. A warehouse cocktail party is not a place where you can play dice.

You have to be at your best. We compiled this list of top-rated microphones for mobile recording.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you make a purchase on the list.

Considerations for the Best Mobile Podcasting Microphones

What are you goingto do with the audio recording? Are you able to record anInterview for just a few seconds? These are some amazing b-roll. WillIt anchors you a-block

ThisIsTheFirst consideration when selecting a mobile podcast microphone How integral theAudiois to the show’s success

Only use what is necessary to complete theTask.

GearAddiction is real. OneOne of my best friends owned a recording studio for more than a decade. HeInsolvency was a topic that was often discussed. BarelyThey got to the other side of the coin without going bankrupt.

Although it’s easy for people to get carried away, if you are doing occasional field interviews, you won’t need a professional rig.

Youcan always update later if the situation requires it. But, let’s just be real. It is unlikely. 95% of us were able to make it through 2020 with the No cost Zoom account.

Investment in mobile gear is no different.

The Best Mobile Shotgun Mics

IfA shotgun microphone can be used to capture audio from far away. The best way to get there. ShotgunMice are a title that is counterintuitive. Shotguns can have a wide spray but mics for shotguns focus on the target.

These mics create phase interference for audio that isn’t directly in front. This is similar to the way your noise-cancelling headphones work. (The similiarComment section is different from the above.

For obvious reasons, ShotgunVideographers love microphones. They don’t want any microphone to invade their space. Touchy, aren’t they?

They’re also great for recording interviews in a restaurant.

Neewer 14” Mono Shotgun Mic


Type of Connection:XLR

Features: Pro cardioid shotgun microphone with shock mount, 1/4″ cable, 3.5mm cable, foam windscreen and faux fur muff.

Review The NeewerShotgun microphone gives you many microphones for a very low price. Although the audio quality is not great, it’s perfect for podcasting. The price is unbeatable. To make it even more versatile, you can get additional accessories.

RodeVideoMic ME CompactTRRS Cardioid Mini Shotgun Microphone


Type of Connection:3.5mm

Features: ExtremelyA lightweight, 43g shotgun microphone that can be used for recording throughout the day is powered by an external lithium battery. Features Built-Live software monitoring via the 3.5mm headset jack

Review:ThisIs TheThere are many siblings of the smartphone version. You can also use series. PoweredBy the bus. This mini shotgun microphone doesn’t have theBatteries may have issues with larger shotguns.

LyxPro CMG 50


Type of Connection:XLR

Features: TheCMG50 has a superior cardioid layout that reduces ambient sound. A mixer or optional AA batteries can provide 48 volt phantom power. HighFor outdoor recording, frequency bands pass filter is available. FoamPop filter also available.

Review: AnotherLyxPro, a well-reviewed and affordable shotgun microphone is AnotherLyxPro. TheKit contains theThe required connections for a boomstand and proprietary camera mountings. This gives this mic more mobility. It is an attractive option as it can be used with either AA power or 1/4″ or 3.5mm cables.

TheBuilt-The frequency filter of the microphone makes it suitable for recording outdoors noise environments where recording can be difficult. AnInterviews that sound too clear can be dangerous. Remember those if you are recording at a music festival. The frequency filter can be used to reduce unwanted noises on the stage, to aid your subject’s voice.

Lavalier MicsFor Podcasts

LapelMics and Lavalier mics are great little tools to record in noisy environments such as those found outdoors. The emphasis should be on the little. They are small and discreet. This cheapness is more useful than you might think.

These are great for recording with some set-up time.

Bietrun Rechargeable Wireless Mobile Device with Lavalier Mic


Connection:1/8 ” TRRS 3.5 mm

Features The BietrunIt offers many professional features at an affordable price for amateurs:

  • 25 SelectableUHF channels
  • Up to 65′ Wireless
  • 400mAh rechargeable battery via micro USB
  • CompatibleWith Android & iPhone
  • High grade condenser microphone design

Review: ExcellentAll-around wireless lapel microphone to record mobile audio to any device. You don’t need to bring a lot of expensive gear to theField in order to get high-quality audio.

You can find one in any environment with 25 UHF channels.

Lewinner Smart Phone Bluetooth wireless Lavalier Microphone


Bluetooth 5.0: Bluetooth Connection

Features: AdvancedSmartphone apps feature:

  • Condenser mic 6 mm
  • QualcommChipset powers Bluetooth5.0
  • BuiltIn SWISS Algorithm noise cancelling technology
  • 110 mAh Battery for 6 hours of Use
  • Auto transcription using SMike App

  • You will need an AndroidiOS device.

Review: The microphone is perfect for podcasting solo in a noisy environment. For you want to be able hear your thoughts even in difficult situations. Themicrophone will blend into the background. Let your voice shine through the noise. It does exactly what it says.

You can record yourself giving a presentation, even though this microphone is higher than the rest. You don’t need to be tied to your device all the time, but you do need to move around on the stage.

ThrowIt can also help with interview subjects

TheAuto transcription is a great feature for show notes. Who Would you like to have a REV contractor transcribing your show? Do you own a microphone that can do this?

PoP voice 16 Feet Single Head Lavalier Lapel Microphone



Features: SingleOmnidirectional head microphone. 16′ audio cable.

Review: This basic lapel microphone is great for everyday use. thejob done. Two of these microphones have been used for years to record interviews. I have never experienced any issues. You will need a splitter or mixer if you intend to record only one vocal. It is a simple, reliable tool.

I have lost gear before while recording interviews in the field, and it’s always heartbreaking. It’s not too big of a deal when I lose one of these. The 16 feet (ca. 15 feet (ca. AnInterview subject will forget to unclip.

These lavalier microphones are great for anyone just starting out, or who doesn’t care about the cost.

The Best Handheld Mics To Record an Interview

HandheldMice sound exactly the same as they were made. These are the mics most people associate with when they hear “microphone.” They are best for a podcast. A short back and forth interview with the host, accompanied by a windscreen of high quality, is all they need. They’ll sound annoying if they do anything more than that.

TheyThis will allow you to spend more time at the post than you would like.

ThinkHolding a glass of water for any length of time. Do you see tiny ripples? These are waves, right? That’s how audio is transmitted. The microphone must be stable and steady in order to ensure that the audio is heard equally. This is difficult to achieve with a handheld microphone. It’s almost impossible.

These should be included in your mobile phone’s kit if necessary. The job is not too difficult.


COMICA HRM-S Interview Microphone


Connection: 3.5 mm TRRS

Features TheThe cardioid microphone can eliminate background noise by having a frequency response of 60hz to 20kHz. An 11.5 foot cable is included that connects via a 3.5mm plug. The A logo placard can also be used in video spots.

Review: This 3.5mm microphone is an unobtrusive standard microphone. There is not much to do wrong. This is what you need in the field. It is solid in the hand and comes with enough cable to frame a video shot, if you prefer. This mic is ideal for recording podcast interviews.



Connection: 1/4 ” receiver unit

Features TheR – The Y08 UHF wireless microphone is very appealing for mobile recording.

  • A single charge of 1,200 mAh batteries will last you for up to 16 hours.
  • Indicator for battery
  • 15 selectable UHF channels
  • WindIncluded: muff

Review:OneThis offers the bestWireless solutions for the lowest prices on the market. The mic’s UHF band operation allows it to operate in congested areas without worrying about audio dropping while recording.

UltraThis mic transmits sound at a higher frequency than other solutions. You can also place the receiver as far away as 100 feet from the receiver.


It can feel like you’re searching for the perfect microphone. There are many options for every application. As many opinions as you want. The subject.

When podcasting, it’s important to remember why your microphone is being used. The MostThis is theAll you need to do is get out of your own way with a microphone.

It is possible to spend more time creating content than worrying about engineering. You can always go back and explore that rabbit hole later.

I hope one day that we can return to the public. It will take someone to document the event when it happens.

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