6 Best Home Studio Tricks to Improve Your Podcast Sound Quality – Discover the Best Podcasts

All skilled recordings have three principal traits that take them from newbie to polished–quantity ranges are constant, all audio system are audible, and there’s restricted to no background noise interruptions. When chasing high quality sound, there are loads of components to contemplate however to tackling your podcast recording atmosphere first will assist cut back the results of noise air pollution. Outside of the professionals, many podcasters arrange store in a house studio which presents a handful of challenges skilled recording cubicles remove. To get you on the similar enjoying subject as the large guys, we’re diving into the six greatest methods to enhance your setup so your podcast is straightforward on the ears.

1. The room issues

The first step in placing collectively your house studio is deciding which room to use, however not all potential recording areas are created equally. The best tip is avoiding sq. or rectangular formed rooms as the parallel partitions are the good surfaces for sound to bounce off of. Instead, go for an space that’s as asymmetrical as potential to cut back this impact from the begin. Also pay attention to the room’s flooring. Carpeted rooms could sound like the greatest guess however they will put on out rapidly, particularly if your house studio is a excessive site visitors space. Instead, goal for laborious flooring like tile or hardwood then incorporate space rugs to ramp up the acoustics. 

2. Move away from the noise you’ll be able to’t management

We simply tune out the on a regular basis noises round us however your podcast microphone will seize all of them. As you contemplate which room is greatest to your residence studio, listen to which house has the most noise air pollution. Watch for extra home windows the place you’ll inevitably hear a siren whizz by or your noisy neighbor revving up their garden mower at the worst potential second. Also pay attention to the sounds your house makes. Don’t select the room the place you’ll be able to hear the elevator doorways open and shut or the one the place the radiator loves to hiss unexpectedly. Keep a watch on the areas which are faraway from your loved ones or roommate’s day by day lives so that you don’t choose up their undesirable footsteps both. 

3. Turn off the noise you’ll be able to management

Is that your pc’s fan buzzing and may you hear the TV from one room away? Set your self up for achievement from the get go and remove all the noises you’ll be able to management. Start by unplugging or eradicating something that creates undesirable noise from inside or close by your recording house. Try utilizing a towel or piece of froth below your pc to muffle the fan and time your recordings when the least quantity of persons are residence. Also, deal with your house studio like a movie show and silence everybody’s mobile phone. 

4. Furniture is your buddy

You selected the good room and cleared it of all errant noises, now it’s time to fill it again up with the proper furnishings. You’re on the lookout for items that may assist in sound absorption and diffusion so as to cut back any echoes or reverberations. Think large bookcases stuffed with books, drapes over home windows, space rugs, couches, blankets, duvets, pillows, and even mattresses. Search for supplies in your house that may dampen sound and preserve it from reflecting off of flat surfaces. 

5. Organize the room

Once you’ve compiled the proper sound absorption items, the subsequent key facet is the place to put them in your studio. Your crammed bookcase or sofa ought to be centered in your studio’s again wall to diffuse extra sound. Another DIY trick is propping up a mattress immediately behind you and your microphone to defend it from selecting up incoming sound reflections. Move your space rugs below your mic setup and audio system to cut back their reverberations as you file. If you’re nonetheless not proud of the acoustics, the most cost-effective answer is throwing a giant blanket or quilt over you and your microphone. While the setup could also be a bit crude, it’ll assist muffle any echoes you need out of your episode recordings. 

6. Don’t overlook to check it

Once you’re proud of the setup, it’s time to put your house studio to the check earlier than sitting down to file. Dial up your recording software program, hit the crimson button, and seize about 30 seconds of silence. Then do it once more however this time rehearsing a portion of your newest episode. Playback each recordings and belief your ears right here, you’ll instinctively choose up on the cases when the high quality is off. Try to establish the sources of any offending sounds and proceed testing till you want what you hear. Make certain to check the room round the time of day you intend to file for the most actual-life situation of how the room will sound. 

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